I am a working mother of 1 rambunctious little boy. My husband and I are navigating the crazy world of being older parents (I’m 30 something and he is 40 something) and how that is going to affect our lives and the life of little bear. (our nickname for our son)

I’m from a  shore/ farm town and look forward to blogging some DIY, mom, woman, feelings, and maybe bring some positivity  to the blog game.

I hope that people enjoy, relate and contribute to my page. I think it’s time for woman to unite and rely on each other.

I was not prepared-

I was not prepared for your arrival. I had everything I needed and everything I didn’t. I was not prepared for the upheaval.

I was not prepared for the hunger or thirst. I was not prepared for the look you gave first.

I was not prepared for the anger and tears. I was not prepared for the wishing of years.

Years to go quick and the sadness to pass. Because nothing in life will last.

I’ll try to hold on to the  good and the bad. I’ll hold on to the firsts and the lasts.

I was not prepared to love you so much, to forget myself.

I was not prepared, but I am equipped to raise you high to raise you right. You will be magnificent in your own life. You will thrive and grow because I was not prepared but I love you so.

Love is the thing that prepares us, Love is the thing that repairs us.

Love is gold.