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For Real:Breast Feeding

I was talking with my husband this weekend and realized that it had been 1 year since I stopped breast feeding little bear. I was able to do it for a little over 6 months before work/ life/ and my body got in the way and we had to switch to formula. My body knew the difference between a pump and a human so I couldn’t stock up. Looking back on that time of our lives I wish the lactation consultant, breast feeding class and other moms told me the following.

  1. There is no schedule. 3 hours in between feedings is not possible, my son fed every 40 min. As in feed for almost 1 hour, 40 min break and then back to the boob!
  2. Lanolin is your friend, it works and will save your poor abused nipples.
  3. In the beginning it hurts. “They” say it wont but it does, your body has to get used to it. (not to be confused with the pinching sensation of a poor latch)
  4. Some women (ahem, me) dry up like the Sahara. My poor husband, he put up with no sex for almost a year waiting for my body’s hormones to balance out and start to function again. There are alternatives and I kept him as happy as possible but sex hurt. Even with lubricant, it hurt a lot.
  5. You will loose the baby weight faster by breast feeding. But then, like magic, your body knows you’ve stopped breast feeding and you gain weight. I gained almost 10 lbs. and the ONLY thing that changed was breast feeding.
  6. When you finish breast feeding your boobs may look like deflated balloons that were left out days after the party ended. Please don’t loose hope, it took 7 months but the girls have regained most of their shape.
  7. You will be camel level thirsty after a 3 day hike through aforementioned Sahara  when that little one latches on so make sure you have a drink. They did say to make sure you have fluids to hydrate with but they didn’t tell me the intense thirst you would feel as soon as that babe latches on, and then it’s too late to get a drink.
  8. I grew to love breast feeding, and had anxiety when it was time to stop. Don’t let the mom guilt get you. It’s ok, it gets easier so cry if you must but your little one will thrive.
  9. Personally while my body was adjusting and my hormones were kicking back in after weaning I broke out in HORRIBLE acne. I’ve never had it before and this was painful, and severe.
  10. Remember, no matter how to feed your baby, you’re feeding them. You love them and it’s going to be OK. BREATHE~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ***These are my personal experiences, not meant to encompass the whole population. If you didn’t experience these things, I’m super excited for you.