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Raising a Man

We are all aware of the political climate, and with that as a parent I have to wonder. Can I still raise a confident, successful, male? I feel like MALE is the new four letter word. Reserved for the most repugnant of species. MAN….. MAN…. MEN rule the world. MEN hold women down. MALE vs. female. I feel it too, I feel the need to speak up and stand strong to raise up my voice with my fellow women.

….. but  I have a SON.

I have an adorable, sensitive, loving, sweet boy.

I worry, I worry that trying to raise a strong willed, independent man in today’s world is getting a little bit harder. After all my son hasn’t said anything sexist, hasn’t raped anyone, hasn’t sexually assaulted or harassed anyone.  Just writing the words make me feel sick. Today raising good boys to be great Men, who do amazing things comes with a price. We are telling them through our protests and our marches that they should feel guilty, they should feel terrible for the things history has done to women. They are saddled with the burden and guilt of the men that came before them.

With change comes awareness, our boys need to see us being strong and aspire to be strong with us, to defend us because they believe in us not because we are defenseless. They should also try and take over the world just as girls should try and take over the world. (by world I mean their world, wherever they find the passion that drives them) And once they get into position help others up, male, female, transgender. I will teach my son not to see people for their parts, but the sum of their parts. WHO it is not WHAT.

The road is long between boy and MAN, and I hope I can raise an independent thinker who believes in everyone’s rights but will still fight for his own. Every PERSON deserves every opportunity and shouldn’t apologize for seizing the day. My son deserves a woman who will fight for his rights just as he will someday fight for the rights of others. Even if it’s just a small fight, stopping a bully, saying something toward workplace discrimination. Those small fights win the bigger battles. I can’t just raise a man, I have to raise an aware man…. I have a long road ahead of me…..